Almond Nuts

  • The delicately flavored almond is available freshest in mid-summer, although packaged almonds are available year round. The almond known as nut is technically the seed of the fruit. It is consumed Raw and other times consumed toasted. It also has wide culinary uses.
  • In recent years, almonds have achieved worldwide fame and favour. For sheer concentration of nutrients and healthy properties – you’ll be hard-pressed to beat these body-boosting beauties. In fact, they are now easily the biggest-selling nut of all among our UK and European customers, who swear by their potent nutritious package.
  • And of course, the culinary versatility of almonds is easily as impressive as their healthiness. You can use almonds in a literally countless number of both sweet and savoury recipes.
  • we have the very best almonds that money can buy and taste buds can enjoy. So grab them raw, roasted, salted, blanched, flaked, ground, coated, flavoured and 100% organic as you wish! Your body will certainly thank you.


Almond Nuts wholesale and suppliers.

Almond Nuts Bulk Suppliers. Raw Almonds are harvested and shelled for your enjoyment and convenience. Our Almonds make a great addition to a healthy diet. They’re a source of calcium, iron and potassium and are high in dietary fiber, manganese, magnesium, vitamin E and healthy monounsaturated fats. Almond Nuts Exporters

This means that including our crunchy but slightly yielding Raw Almonds in your diet can help promote blood sugar control, healthy blood pressure levels and healthier heart function. Almond Nuts Manufacturers

Almonds can be put to use in so many satisfying ways. They work equally with sweet foods as they do with savoury fayre, and many areas of world cuisine demonstrate this beautifully. North African stews, almond-studded European cakes, fresh and warm Indian naan bread, vegan energy bars and snacks… the list is endless. Nonetheless, we wanted to list a few must-try uses and almond-based recipes here…


Almond Nuts Wholesale Worldwide
Almond Nuts Wholesale Worldwide


Blend them into smoothies and shakes
Chop them up, ready for use in cookies, cakes and sweet recipes
Scatter them into salads and stir fries
Add them into your morning cereal or porridge for some perfect kickstarting protein, fibre and all-round nutrition
Whizz them up into a tasty nut butter to spread on toast, crackers, crispbread, pastries and much more
Make world cuisine classics like Moroccan tagine
Mix them in with your fruit salads for a much more dynamic and nutritious treat
Roast them in the oven with other nuts and seed, spices, citrus fruits and other magical flavourings
Whip them into couscous, rice and other stodgy grains
Snack on them as they are, or with other nuts and dried fruit
Crunch them up ready for use in jam, chutneys and other sweet preserves


Almond Nuts Worldwide Bulk Suppliers
Almond Nuts Worldwide Bulk Suppliers


Check out this really simple method for making one of the nicest and handiest vegan/substitute milks of all. It’s light, creamy and of course nice and healthy.
Soaked almonds. Almond Nuts Bulk Suppliers

The benefits of soaking almonds are not to be sniffed at. Just giving these super-nutritious nuts time a few hours to soak will ‘activate’ them – maximising both their digestibility and absorbable goodness. Almond Nuts Manufacturers

  • Almond Butter :

Given that almonds are the most nutritionally dense nut in the world… making creamy nut butter is an honourable idea. Follow these quick steps and you’ll have possibly the greatest single spread known to man and woman. Almond Nuts Exporters

But of course, the boundless potential doesn’t end there. Check out all of these delicious recipes using our various almond products. Almond Nuts Bulk Suppliers

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