• Birch firewood in 40 l bags
  • Birch without bark in 40 l bags
  • Hornbeam firewood in 40 l bags
  • Oak firewood in 40 l bags



Buy Firewood in Bulk Online. Chase away the winter chill, create a brightly burning campfire, or prepare for your outdoor BBQ, with these birch firewood logs. Birch is a type of hardwood that is guaranteed to burn longer, give off more heat, and create a cleaner fire than other type of wood. The firewood comes in a net for convenient transport. Birch Firewood Suppliers


Firewood 40L Bag for Sale Online
Firewood 40L Bag for Sale Online


  1. Burns longer and produces maximum heat to ensure fast cooking
  2. Provides a warm glow and heating to your home
  3. Dried for easy combustibility and shaped rectangularly for ease of manoeuvring
  4. Lets you create a brightly burning campfire or prepare for your outdoor BBQ


Buy Firewood in Bulk Online
Birch Firewood Suppliers


In addition to being easy to ignite and control it is small and compact burns long and provides not only excellent warmth but a stable platform for cooking.

The firewood we sell is ideal for heating. It is biosecure and burns well in stoves.

• Firewood is made out of BIRCH
• Moisture content 20%
• Energy content 1,5 kWh / kg
• Log length 29 cm +/- 1 cm
• Logs are split (min. 5 cm – max. 15 cm)
• UV resistant 40 L mesh bags

This is high energy value birch firewood. It is kiln-dried in order to secure low moisture content and eliminate the threat of a mould. Logs are packed in resistant mesh bags for easy handling.

OUR firewood are available in following packaging:

• 48 bags on pallet
• 24 pallets on a semi-trailer
• 1152 bags on a semi-trailer

We are always looking for distribution partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Netherlands. We sincerely hope that selling BioHansa™ firewood will be one of the most enjoyable and profitable parts of your business. To expedite the process, please fill in contact form or send us an email. Birch Firewood Suppliers

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