Halloumi Cheese

  • Halloumi is one of those things you need to try once. People who know Halloumi enjoy it on a regular basis, and we are Gourmet-Food.com are on the side of know it and love it.
  • Halloumi is a regular in Mediterranean mesa; the cheese does not melt when you grill it, it becomes more compact, shows off the grilling marks wonderfully and depending on the accompaniment you can serve it as a savory appetizer or a sweet desert.
  • Our Kryssos Halloumi is made from fresh cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk; made in small batches, the curds are hand-filled into individual molds and turned by hand.
  • After an initial cooking, each cheese is hand-folded into a small rectangular shape after a sprinkling of local mint is added.




Buy Halloumi Cheese in Bulk. Halloumi is an unripened, firm white, MIXED MILK CHEESE (cows, goat and ewes) cheese that originated in the Middle East. It has long-keeping qualities and is quite salty. The moulded curds are dipped in hot water and kneaded to produce a cheese that retains its shape when cooked. HALLOUMI is always sold in packets that contain a salty brine and chopped mint. Halloumi Cheese Suppliers

If preferred, the cheese can be rinsed and dried before use, to temper its saltiness. It is best enjoyed cooked either in a hot dry griddle pan, on a barbecue or baked in the oven as a very tasty alternative to meat. The outer crust of the cheese becomes golden and crispy and the interior melts and softens. Delicious with salad or roast vegetables and a spicy cous cous. Buy Halloumi Cheese in Bulk

The individual cheese weighs 250g. Where to Buy Halloumi Cheese


Buy Halloumi Cheese in Bulk Worldwide
Buy Halloumi Cheese in Bulk Worldwide


Halloumi Cheese is white and firm, made from a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk. Halloumi Cheese has been made on the island Cyprus, an island claimed by both Turkey and Greece in the eastern Mediterannean, for hundreds of years. Buy Halloumi Cheese in Bulk

The name “Halloumi” is derived from the Greek word “almi” meaning brine. This refers to the brine, or salt water solution that is used to preserve the Halloumi Cheese. Buy Halloumi Cheese in Bulk

Halloumi has a salty, tangy flavor and a springy texture, similar to Mozzarella. Due to its high melting point, Halloumi may be as a a grilling cheese as it browns without melting. Halloumi Cheese Suppliers

Grilled Halloumi is an excellent appetizer or addition to any main course. Halloumi Cheese is also delicious eaten fresh in salads or sandwiches or with fresh fruit. Where to Buy Halloumi Cheese

It is often paired with watermelon in its native Cyprus. Halloumi is often accompanied by mint leaves in the packaging which not only add flavor but also preserve the cheese. Buy Halloumi Cheese in Bulk

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