OCB Rolling Papers

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Brand:  OCB
Paper Size  Rolls
Dimensions  4m x 44mm
Roll Size  Slim
Paper Weight  13 g/m²
Rolls per Box  24
Boxes per Case  40



OCB Rolling Papers Exporters. OCB is a popular maker of rolling papers. Founded way back in 1822 in France, it quickly grew and by 1830 it was producing 86 million packs of papers. Over the last couple of decades, it has continued to release new products like OCB Premium, OCB Xpert and OCB Organic. Buy OCB Rolling Papers In Bulk

If you want to provide your customers with some of the best rolling papers on the market, search our range of wholesale OCB Papers here today. We have King Size, Virgin, Organic Hemp and Unbleached Papers among others, and they are available in boxes of up to 50 packs of paper.

Buy OCB Rolling Papers In Bulk


These OCB Premium king size slow burning papers are made from fine flax paper with natural Arabic gum. Probably the most stylish kings you’ll ever use. OCBs are lightweight, high quality and are a firm favourite for many smokers. Every OCB sheet is watermarked and so ultra-thin they are almost transparent. Get your OCB Premium king size rolling papers here at Smokers Heaven head shop today. Buy OCB Rolling Papers In Bulk

Smokers Heaven stocks the best and most renowned rolling papers in the world for your smoking pleasure. We stock some of the best brands such as, Rizla papers, OCB papers, Zig Zag papers and Smokey papers. If you’re looking for king skins we’ve got them from brands such as Rizla king size papers, Kulu king size papers, Bob Marley king size papers, Bulldog king size papers and our flavoured Smoking king size papers. We also stock rips including RAW rips, Buy OCB Rolling Papers In Bulk rips and many more.


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