Wood Pellets

  • Wood pellet could be used as material for fuel in industrial boiler system, hydro power station and household… Besides, wood pellet is also used to replace for natural gas, coal, oil and fossil fuels..
  • We supply base in accordance with client-specific requirements and successfully establish great relationships with them. Client satisfaction has been the aim of concern. Example;
  • Premium Wood Pellets
  •  Pine Wood Pellets
  • Spruce Wood Pellets
  •  Beech Wood Pellets
  • Sawdust Wood Pellets
  • Oak Wood Pellets
  • Birch Wood Pellets



Buy Wood Pellets in Bulk Online. High quality Wood Pellets used for private heating must have ash content below 0,7% ( A1 quality),mechanical durability 97,5% and fines  content  (number of particles below 3,15 mm)  on the production plant max 1%. Wood Pellets Bulk Exporters

Low ash content will allow to clean the  household boilers from ash more seldom, low fines content will guarantee the pellets to be stronger, what is necessary in handling procedure ( bagging etc) and will guarantee  for the end users very low  dust content  in the bags.Buy wood pellets online

In reality at  pellet plants producing  prime quality wood pellets mechanical durability often  shows up to be min  99%. Order Wood Pellets Online

The wood pellets we supply have been specially produced for heating. It is biosecure and burns well in pellet stoves.

• Quality standards of 6 mm or 8 mm Enplus1 premium pellet
• Pellets have a lenght of 5-20 mm, diam. 6 mm or 8mm
• Sulphur contained less than 0,05%
• Energy content approx. 4,8 kWh/per kg
• Ash contect less than 0,5%
• Bulk density more than 650 kg/m³


Wood Pellets Suppliers
Wood Pellets Wholesale Suppliers Worldwide


WE HAVE heating pellets are available in following packaging:

• 65 x 15 kg bags on pallet, in total (975 kg)
• 24 pallets on a semi-trailer

We are always looking for distribution partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Netherlands. We sincerely hope that selling our wood pellets will be one of the most enjoyable and profitable parts of your business. To expedite the process, please fill in contact form or send us an email. Wood Pellets Suppliers


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Wood Pellets Bulk Exporters Europe





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 12 reviews
 by David
Supreme hardwood

I've burned a lot of different brands and I've found this Green Supreme hardwood to be the best one yet. The high BTU of 8400 on this is really noticable.

When it's below zero, I can still hit 80° inside the home. It's physically a larger bag than other hardwood pellets, and you gotta love that. Excellent value and tremendous heat.

 by Decent Woods

I normally burn Easy Blaze Premium Soft Wood Pellets. I decided to try these since they are around 30% cheaper. No complaints. They are not quite as hot as Easy Blaze, but close enough. Pellets were uniform, with virtually no dust.

 by Van Gregy

Our 2 yr old pellet stove likes these pellets. We bought another pallet last year as well. They burned clean and the heat was good. Our basement was the place to be during winter last year. Low ash content as well.

 by Matt A
Nice Smoke, Low Ash

I used your pellets in my Recteq 2500 and the product is great! It left great color and smoke flavor with very little ash.

 by Scott Licamele

I have tried lots of different wood pellets for my pellet grill and have always had trouble getting real wood flavor. These pellets are pretty close to the smoke you get from coking with logs.

 by Harmony Vaile

I'm grateful to find pellets to keep drove going to warm the family.

 by Austria Pellets

Nice uniform size pellets and nicely sealed packaging.

 by Clay

Excellent fuel pellets. We have gone thru 3 of 4 tons this year.

 by Jeff Richard

I had to go back to the store to exchange 6 bags of pellets which were ruined sitting outside and had no issues with the return. . Holler&Co GMBH has a great return policy,and keeps me coming back as a very satisfied customer.

 by Reality Woods

burns well keeps the house warm empty the ash pot once a week

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