Hennessy XXO Hors d’Age Cognac

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  • Bottle size

700 ml

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  • Brand

Hennessy Cognac


Hennessy xxo hors d’AGE Cognac WHOLESALE AND BULK SUPPLIER.

Hennessy XXO Hors d’Age Cognac Wholesale. An even more mature development of their XO, the Hennessy XXO Hors d’Age Cognac is a head turner, and a must for any avid collector. Hennessy, one of the largest Cognac houses in the world, have dipped into their vast chais to blend a Cognac of the newest age denomination, the XXO.

Officially, the XXO age category is aged for longer than 14 years, but considering this is a Hors d’Age version of their XO, it’s been aged for far, far longer. This is a rich tapestry of Hennessy’s finest spirits, and contains some spirits aged for more than 50 years. Hennessy XXO Hors d’Age Cognac Distributor


Hennessy XXO Hors d'Age Cognac Wholesale
Hennessy XXO Hors d’Age Cognac Wholesale Worldwide


Crafted by Hennessy’s seventh generation Master Blender, Yann Fillioux, is said to be “as pertinent as ever”, “rich”, “expressive” – with notes of bitter orange, freshly grated nutmeg, licorice, peppermint leaf and delicate spices. A true masterpiece.

The introduction of the latest age category has caused a certain buzz throughout the region, and offers an exciting opportunity for cellar masters, blenders and distillers to create something that has never been seen before. Hennessy XXO Hors d’Age Cognac Wholesale

Despite some controversy, the XXO category is now official. And LVMH justified the launch by claiming that it had already used the label before aging terms were developed. In fact, Hennessy made an XXO as early as 1872, but production stopped in the early 20th century.

Presentation of the Cognac Hennessy XXO :

The 70cl decanter is an even more contemporary and angular version of the XO decanter. The ‘glass-cut’ shape and chrome stopper give it some serious edge. It is bottled at 40% ABV. Hennessy XXO Hors d’Age Cognac Distributor


Eye: A sensual shade of ruby tinged amber.

Nose: An expressive nose of bitter orange, freshly grated nutmeg, notes of bitter orange, licorice and peppermint leaf.

Palate: The palate is wonderfully rounded and spiced delicately. The length on the palate exceeds expectations.

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