Rizla Smoking Rolling Paper

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Rizla Rolling Paper:
– Dimensions 35mm x 70mm
– 10, 15 gsm or 200 gsm
– Hemp (paper)
– Natural gum
-Weight Paper 17.5(gr/m2)
– Normal ash



Buy Rizla Rolling Papers In bulk. Rizla is a worldwide brand that is known for its reliable smoking products including cigarette rolling papers and filter tips. Rizla Smoking Rolling Paper Wholesale

Believe it or not, Rizla can trace the origins all the way back to the 17th century. In 1660, Pierre Lacroix, the founder of the Rizla company, introduced the first paper designed solely for rolling tobacco after a very great deal of fine experimentation. At the time, pipes were expensive and delicate and reserved only for those who could afford them, so people rolled their own cigarettes with any scrap of paper they could find. Buy Rizla Smoking Rolling Paper In Bulk

Original Rizla Smoking Papers For Sale

Thank you Pierre Lacroix for revolutionising the entire way we smoke! The Rizla name first appeared in 1866 following the successful introduction of rice paper as a replacement for wood-based paper. The name is a combination of rizâ, the French word for rice and the first two letters of Lacroix name.

Rizla Smoking Rolling Paper Wholesale

Menthol and strawberry flavoured papers were introduced as early as 1906, followed by Blue Rizla papers in 1910. Blue Rizla remains one of the companys most popular products thanks to its fine quality and ease of rolling. Rizla Smoking Rolling Paper Wholesale

Available Rizla Rolling Papers For Sale

The Rizla range of rolling papers is colour coded, each designed to suit your individual preferences.

Green – this is a medium weight paper which easily fits into hand rolling machines thanks to its cut corners. Green papers have been available for over 40 years and provide a medium level of taste intensity

Red – basically the same as Green, but without the cut corners, Red Kingsize have been made lightly narrower since 2004.

Blue – part of the Rizla range since 1906 this paper is thinner and lighter weight than Red and Green and has uncut corners

Orange – if you are looking for something a little different this liquorice flavoured rolling paper is well worth trying. First introduced in 1981 the medium taste intensity paper retains a faithful following. In the past, Rizla have marketed a number of flavoured papers, such as menthol, strawberry and coconut. Rizla Smoking Rolling Paper Wholesale

Silver – this ultrafine paper is just 20 microns thick, making it the ideal choice if you wish to experience the ultimate in intense flavour. Newcomers may find Silver slightly difficult to roll.

Black – a kingsize110mm long limited edition ultra-thin superior paper with slow burning properties. Rizla Black has been designed to give you the best smoking experience possible. Rizla Smoking Rolling Paper Wholesale


  • 1 booklets 50/100 interleaved paper             
  • 1 box include 24 booklets                      
  • 1 carton is 15 boxes.                        
  • 1 pallet is 40 cartons.


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