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Skip (also known as Coral in some markets) is a laundry brand that offers exceptional cleaning power, but also specialises in caring for clothes. Skip washing powder was the first automatic washing powder in South Africa. It was launched in the 1960’s – when the first washing machines were introduced in South Africa. Wholesale Skip Detergent Supplier

Wholesale Skip Detergent Supplier

It is the leading garment care expert and as such, consumers have not only come to trust SKIP and be loyal consumers, they also expect SKIP to continually offer them the most up-to-date, technologically advanced products on the market, to care for their clothes. SKIP is a premium brand with a premium offering, not only does SKIP offer cleaning power, but it also specialises in caring for clothes.

About This Product

  • Agents stain removers to remove the most stubborn dirt
  • Promoters of shine for a clean. Wholesale Skip Detergent Supplier
  • The active clean fragrance leaves a fresh scent to your clothes
  • Its efface-tâches ball dispenser allows you to pré-traiter and can of the most difficult tasks
  • The 2 compartments allow you to come to accomplish the tasks of tomato sauce, grease, Chocolate or tasks of blood
  • Thanks to its smaller than standard liquid bottle, skip Ultimate Concentrate is more friendly to the environment

Why Buy Skip Detergent Powder In Bulk

  • No residue.
  • Is better for the environment because it can be used at cold temperatures. (Skip liquid works in hot and cold water)
  • The fragrance lasts longer on your clothing.
  • It is more convenient to use – no need to decant, easy to carry, store and use.
  • There is no clumping. Wholesale Skip Detergent Supplier
  • Can be applied directly to stains.

Skip Liquid Detergent is available in 400ml and 750ml.

Wholesale Skip Detergent Supplier


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