Wood Briquette

  • Our fuel logs/wood briquettes are made from 100% natural virgin wood and are packed into approximately 10kg bags, each bag is made up of 5 fuel logs. When burning, our fuel logs do not spark or spit and produce a lovely steady flame with a huge heat output. This is due to them boasting a moisture content of less than 12%! 
  • This is a great fuel for stoves, open fires and pizza ovens
  • Each fuel log can be broken into smaller pieces to make it suitable for all sizes of appliances. 


Wood Briquette wholesale and bulk supplier.


Wood Briquette Suppliers. Briquettes are a type of wood fuel that is made of compressed combustible material. Shredded organic material is dried, refined, and placed in a special briquetting machine. There, it is compressed or extruded to a desired shape and density by a pressing rod. Wood Briquette Exporters

The most often used materials for the production of briquettes are the byproducts of wood and coal production. This being said, briquettes can be made from virtually any form of combustible biomass, including most types of agricultural (and even municipal) waste. Order Wood Briquette in Bulk

Briquettes typically come in either log or brick shape, with the latter being more common around the globe. The word “briquette” actually came into English from French and means “little brick”.


 Wood Briquette Suppliers Worldwide
Wood Briquette Suppliers Worldwide


Thanks to modern advancements in wood fuel technology, manufacturers can create briquettes with properties far exceeding those of the woods they are made of. This is typically done by altering either the composition or the density of the briquette. Order Wood Briquette in Bulk

This sustainable firewood is fantastic for small woodburners, chimineas and firepits with a low moisture content (typically 13%) making them suitable for smoke free zones. Added to this all the packaging can be recycled making this the #guiltfree way to heat your home!


Wood Briquette Manufacturers
Wood Briquette Manufacturers


 These ecological fuels are made from pure biomass – sawdust, shavings and washed tree bark. No binders or additives are used. When burning, they release a small amount of smoke but no harmful gases. Ash from the wood briquettes is rich in potassium, and hence is suitable for use as a garden fertilizer. Other benefits include a high calorific value, long burning time, handy packaging with no major storage area demands, clean handling, etc. Wood Briquette Suppliers

The briquettes we supply have specially pressed for heating. It is biosecure and burns well in stoves

• Spruce and Pine softwood as raw material
• Moisture content <13%
• Energy content 4,7 kWh / kg
• Resistant plastic bags

Wood briquette is one of the most nature friendly biofuel, produced of the leftovers of timber industry. Briquettes consist of sawdust pressed into bricks. No additives are added during the production process as sawdust is glued together by natural adhesive lignin that is present in wood. Wooden briquette has a very low moisture content, high density and energy value. Wood Briquette Exporters

OUR briquettes SUPPLY are available in following packaging:

• 12 briquettes in plastic bag, dimensions 370 x 150 x 190 mm, total 10 kg
• 96 bags on pallet, all together 960 kg
• 1 pallet size: 1200 x 800 x 1440 mm
• 24 pallets on a semi-trailer


We are always looking for distribution partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Netherlands. We sincerely hope that selling  briquettes will be one of the most enjoyable and profitable parts of your business. To expedite the process, please fill in contact form or send us an email.

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