Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne 1L Cognac

  • Cognac age


  • Growth area

Petite Champagne

  • Bottle size

1000 ml

  • ABV


  • Brand

Remy Martin Cognac


Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne 1L Cognac wholesale and bulk supplier.

Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne 1L Cognac Wholesale. Rémy Martin V.S., formerly Rémy Martin V.S. Grand Cru, was created in 2007 by Rémy’s cellar master Pierrette Triche. Rémy Martin V.S. is Petite Champagne Cognac, which blends eaux de-vie from the Petit Champagne growing cru in the cognac region. Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne 1L Cognac Bulk Exporter Europe

The eaux-de-vie that make up this VS blend were aged twice as long as required by the Cognac rules; many producers do that in order to present high-quality products. Rémy Martin describes its V.S. as the highest quality V.S. Boasting an elusive element, the selection is not widely available, making it a rarer piece to own.

Produced by a Cognac house dating to 1724, Remy Martin has plenty of practice when it comes to crafting exquisite Cognacs. The second-largest Cognac house, it knows what it takes to create Cognac’s that offer something special. With vineyards in the most prestigious regions of the Cognac, you can expect blends that are of exceptional quality. No exception to that, this VS embodies the house’s brilliance with ease.


Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne 1L Cognac Wholesale
Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne 1L Cognac Wholesale Worldwide


Presentation of the bottle :

A tall decanter, with a traditional display, the black, gold and sepia tones offer effortless sophistication. With minimal detailing, the Remy Martin name speaks volumes about the brilliance that awaits. Creating a contrast to the lighter tones of the liquor, it’s an enticing showcase that invites you in for a sip. An excellent addition to your dining table. Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne 1L Cognac Wholesale

How to enjoy :

Enjoy this selection in a number of ways. It is highly mixable and great for cocktails.

tasting review :

Eye: Medium-dark copper/mahogany.

Nose: Some fresh green and yellow fruits, complemented by a hint of vanilla.

Palate: Liquorice, oak and fruits. Rémy Martin describes the “sensation on the mouth giving mellowness, balance and perfect harmony”. Short, sharp spice. Rémy Martin’s site ranks Rémy Martin VS as having a 2/5 length meaning a short “length of time for which the tastes are expressed after a sip.”



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